Welcome to my website

during the computers 8 coourse, i have learned to use programming apps just like adobe photoshop, and adobe illustrator. A little bit about me, i am interested in sports, i love binging tv shows, and my favourite show is pokemon.
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Here is some of my work from adobe photoshop, as you see here, the editing skill i am showcasing presentssome of my best work from adobe photoshop, and indesign.

This right here is my attempt in creating leonardo decaprio. It looks a little horrid but with practice, it will get better.

This was the first pagea of my brochure, i used indesign. This was my first ever project and i feel pretty proud of my first project the fact that i have no expierience with this computer program at the time, and i was able to pull off this quality of work.

This is the second page of my brochure.(keep in mind, this was my frist ever project.)

This photo i have created was a custom logo that i made for myself. It is supposed to be an ice cream

This is rocket the racoon. This was one of my best works because I felt i did well with the shading and it overall looked pretty nice.

This was my first project on adobe illustrator, this is my attempt in putting my name in graffiti art.